The Dream of Photography

Not a lot of amazing things happen to us as freshmen in high school, at least not for me.

BUT I did take my first photography class

…and it was kind of all downhill from there. I am by no means this amazing photographer. It has simply been a hobby and passion since then. I haven’t become this world renowned artist or even famous in the small town I am living in, but I have found joy in being behind the camera and seeing the world through a lens. 

As I write this I feel a need to justify why I am even saying what I am when I am not this spectacular artist or someone who is ALWAYS in the darkroom or always working on my art. Why would I even start a blog about photography (and filmmaking but we will get there shortly) when I am not shooting on a daily basis and dedicating my every waking moment to this art. I don’t think you have to be fully and wholly consumed by something to love it and find joy in it. Also I have a 2 year old…Enough said. 

A different point of view

Something I have found in photography is that it grounds me. It makes me stop and really look at something. I prefer shooting film over digital for this exact reason. I can’t take a million shots of something, I have to be particular about what I am looking at, the angle, the light, the color, all that is in the frame. I have had multiple teachers/professors tell me that the cheapest tool in your camera bag is you film. Well, those words were said long before digital was mainstream, now that isn’t so much the case, film and development cost a lot now and the husband will attest to that truth. Don’t get me wrong I shoot digital all the time, especially if someone has asked me to take their family photos…little kids DO NOT respect film prices LOL. I don’t dislike digital, I am not a purist, I see the merits of both and utilize each in the space that they belong. 

My dream one day is to have my own darkroom. A space where I can easily have chemicals set up so I can go down and just develop my film and then my images. I have 2 enlargers – they need a LOT of love and work to get them to where I can use them – in our basement waiting for me. There have been seasons where I develop my own film, in the kitchen, with the windows open so we aren’t breathing in the “awesome” fumes and then there are seasons when I send the film in to be developed. I don’t think there is one way that is better than another. I am sure there are some who would argue with that but as a mama of a toddler I just won’t die on that mountain. 

All this to say, I think this is a great jumping off point to sharing my art and my passion. To push me out of my comfort zone, to push me out of a season of almost laziness to get me shooting, developing, editing and sharing my work. And not just on this platform but in a gallery, in an open space, hanging on the walls for people to stand in front of and see.